Individual guiding

My guidance offers the following; Openness, clarity, acceptance, letting go, and the here and now. I'll help you gain insight in the situation you are in at that moment. I am a mirror for you. From my interest and listenening ear, I can give you advice and share my opinions and my views on this subject with you. Important here is that you see the current situation you are in, and accept it. From that acceptance, you can see the situation from different sides.
Therefore the following is important: openness, clarity, acceptance, letting go, and the here and now. For this I also use the method Motivational Interview.
Important are the following matters; openness, clarity, acceptance, letting go and being in the here and now.
For over 30 years as a nurse in home care, geriatric care and psychiatry, I have assisted and advised people in all kinds of situations and all kinds of circumstances. This experience, in addition to studies that I have followed in this area, together with my character and my innate lateral thinking form for you a broad base (skills) to create insight and overview in your situation. With understanding for your situation, I can give you the advice you need.
During changes, people can also get physical complaints. If possible I apply deep tissue massage. More information can be found on my website 
My target groups are:
People who are in changings, as well in the work situation as private circumstances
People with long-term physical complaints, physical complaints which are not clear
People who want to prevent a burn out or people which have burn out complaints
Does this appeal to you? Please feel free to contact me for an informative conversation. From there we can see if I can do something for you.
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