Elderly homes

With extensive experience in elderly care (in nursing homes, in a psychiatric hospital and in home care) I have a broad knowledge of business and needs in this target group. This way I can give specific advice in dealing with the elderly and supporting them in their life events, such as the care processes and technical tools.
The technical tools that I recommend may include funds to use
in direct care, such as tools and lifting equipment and funds to alleviate the workload and simplify work processes (with associated software and hardware).
The focus is always on the person who needs care, and the person who gives the care.
The goal remains; increased quality of care, work more effectively, more attention to the person who needs care. This results in lowering costs, reducing unnecessary loss of time and reduced workload.
Every country has organized this care in a different way, and each culture has its own habit. However, the basics remain the same: it is man and the individual who has a need for care. Quality is a high priority. The number of elderly in the country is increasing and aging is just a fact. This requires a targeted approach necessary to respond in time to the growing need for care. Both existing organizations and new businesses will be created, it is still important that proper and appropriate recommendations are given.
For this advice you have come to the right place. I work internationally.
I can support your organization by giving advice on the processes and recommendations aimed at appropriate technological changes. This will result in increased quality of care, working more effectively, more attention to the person who needs care and qualitative technological adjustments for your healthcare organization. Ultimately, this will reduce costs, reduce unnecessary loss of time and reduce workload.
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